Date   Description of Change   Requested By
04.28.17   Added / Updated Change Log Page   Webmaster
04.28.17   Change spelling of Todd Camron, Coach of Typhoons   Todd Lackey
04.28.17   Spring Cheer Competition, the CCAA Cheer Girls take 1st place. Artwork and Announcement added to main page.   BOD at April Meeting
04.28.17   Registrar & Clinic Information and Class Times Added to Calendar of Events - for July 29th // Additional dates added to main page panel under Important Dates.   Webmaster
04.28.17   Additional Panel added to front page to make the total 4 in the rotation. Page timer meter was removed in preference of static locator circles at bottom. Links will be applied to navigate to all 4 panels. Allows for quick identification of pane quantity.   Webmaster
04.28.17   Updated Music Content for Main Page... Installed 6 New songs to library   Webmaster
04.29.17   Added additional pages to the main screen for a total of 5 in the rotation. New page contains important pre-season date information.   Webmaster
04.30.17   Added Page for CCE Championship Cheer Congratulations First Place Banner   Webmaster
05.02.17   Changed Contact Information Section - Updated Graphic on Phone page to utilize Weather Bug App. Changed Infomration on Operating Hours Page.   Webmaster
05.21.17   Updated main page content with 2017 PAL Scholarship Winner & Photo   Todd Lackey
05.21.17   Added links to Football Coaches page for Certification and Training website   Webmaster
05.21.17   Added information to AUG Calendar of Events - Jamboree and First Game Days.   Webmaster
05.22.17   Added drop down menu selection lists for Football and Cheer Coaches email addresses. Added drop down selection menu for Board Members display info pages. Changed additional email addresses and added anti-spam security to email tags.   Webmaster
05.22.17   Completely redesigned the Board Members section of the website. Adding pull down menu option for selection of members, contact pages for each member with social media tags.   Webmaster
05.22.17   Changed Music selection on numerous pages within the site.   Webmaster